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Instagram and FacebookI’m having a hard time understanding why great tattoo artists use Instagram to post their work? Maybe I could have understood it if they were using the app with the basic photo setting and shared it in the mini Facebook/Twitter kind of social media it is. But when they are using all kinds of weird vintage photo filters, rendering the photo way to blurry and off in the colors. That only makes the viewer wonder about how the tattoo actually looks like!

I personally think Instagram has a few superb features. Extracting the simplicity of what is good about both Facebook and Twitter, and mixing it together into one app. No wonder Facebook is buying Instagram to strengthen their position as the no. 1 Social media. I’m a little worried though that they will start to develop Instagram towards the Facebook design…that will not be a good thing. Facebook may be the biggest, but it’s sure as hell isn’t the best!

Then again, who am I to sit here and complain, when I’m probably one of the those who is using Facebook frequently to serve my needs! Double standards, maybe…but that’s at least some kind of standards 😉

I’m just saying…if only some things could stay simple enough!, Web Site, find out, value of a college education essay