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I’m really excited to present my new collaboration project ”10 songs from a life ”.
The project is divided into two parts.

Part 1: to create an art exhibition of paintings done by professional tattoo artists from different countries in the world.

For about 15 years I started to purposeful collect a playlist of songs that in different ways have had a deep and important meaning in my life. Music has an important meaning to just about every human in various ways.That is no breaking news, and no mystery either. But music has a somewhat magical ability to reinforce feelings, grow visions, inspire hope, create despair, describing love, bringing order out of chaos, to name just a few things. For me, music has had all these qualities…and a lot more. The playlist has become like an experience and emotion descriptive map of important events and memories in my life.

Another thing that has played a critical role in my life is the ability to express myself aesthetically and creatively. During my life I’ve been playing the guitar, singing, drawing, painting, doing carpentry, furniture design, forging design, 3d animation, web design, innovation, and in recent years tattoos. Not that I started tattooing, I just can not do it, and will probably never learn either. But I have found it to be the perfect way of letting my need for creative and artistic expression being channeled into meaningful tattoo designs, and then into my skin. Tattoos made of incredible artists. The tattoos have in many ways transformed into the visual part of the map that is my life. Therefore, I have entered the vision of the project ”10 songs from a life.”

In order to fuse the idea of the music list to the tattoo art of ”10 songs from a life” I want to do this:

10 tattoo artists are selected from Tattoo Art Project. The 10 tattoo artists are hand picked out of approximately 150 participating artists in the TAP, and only the ones that I feel will fit the concept will be invited. Then everyone gets one of these 10 songs with lyrics sent to them. Based on the song, music and personal background info of the song, the tattoo artist will paint / draw a painting that they think captures the message and mood of the song, and where the composer in his own cultural references, artistic style and interpretation of tattoo art. Tattoo artists will then send the pictures to me along with an explanation of how they interpreted the song and the way they have joined it together with his own artistic style.

All ten paintings will then be arranged for a public art exhibition in which they are presented in a tasteful style and typically in conjunction with the explanatory text for each target. The visitor should be able to listen to the song on headphones while he sees the painting to enrich the sensory impressions. All visitors must be able to write down his experience of the paintings before they leave the exhibition.

Part 2: I select the picture that I think captured the song’s meaning and reflected the artist’s style better. I will then book a couple of sessions with his tattoo artist and let him / her transfer the painting design into a tattoo, and onto my body. I will also explain to the artist why I believe his / her painting reflected the song and background info in such a way that I choose to adorn my body with it.

As the tattoo artist as all other professionals need to earn a living, they must therefore obtain an adequate remuneration for the board. The tattoo that I choose to make the final tattoo on me, will of course receive customary payment for that tattoo.

The entire project process from start to finish will be documented and described and placed on the website with text, photos and video.


To me, ”10 songs from a life ”is clean, original and innovative in different dimensions of creative art. Tattoo Art has no limits of age, class, gender, ethnicity, or other narrow margins of society strive to stay within. The limit is rampant ignorance in society. I want to make the art form accessible and generally enlightened to all who wish. To let the tattoo artist through his artistic expression to interpret a piece of music that I feel reflects the important parts of my life, is an innovative culture, in the stronghold!

I believe that the project not only stimulate my personal growth but also to inspire other people to grow as long as one lives, and make a unique foot print for our descendants. My project captures the old outdated prejudices and widespread ignorance, dust it off, and highlight it with the “lamp of knowledge”. I engage artists from around the world where my project creates an international interactive web of art and expression. That a man from Umeå in northernSwedenwould have the opportunity to get 10 artists” interpretations of a life, to present it to the public eye, is unique and inspires to hope and optimism.


The target audience for this project are men and women of all ages, who will view tattoo art from a new enlightened perspective.

Where and when will the project be implemented

Preparations for the project was started but started actively from a means of financing is obtained and until 2014 in the context of Culture year in Umeå. The art exhibition can advantageously take place in spring or autumn or winter.

Because Tattoo Art Project is at present “non-profit”, there is no equity. But the search for financial support or grants for ”10 songs from a life”, is an ongoing process. I will therefore continue to seek sponsorship and revenue to develop the project. To succeed with part 2 of the project, it is very likely that I need to travel to another country, which also costs money.

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