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World Wide Tattoo Converence 2012TOPICS ON THE CONFERENCE:


“How I make color tattoos in Fantasy and Realistic style”.

– a small presentation of me and my career.
– my observation about tattoo world from 25 years ( artistic and commercial orientations)
– Relations with media
– a personal approach to have his own bank of images
– basis to take the good picture
– rework the picture by drawing
– How to choose the place in the body in function of the image (with an option with a composition work)
– How to choose tattoo supply ( needles, tubes, tattoo machine)
– rotary tattoo machine ( why and how)
– dilution for grey technique
– talk about tattoo community and the importance of knowing transmission

In my seminar I will be discussing my particular drawing techniques and how I transfer that to the skin while also discussing the importance of producing artwork off of the skin.
I will touch on topics like the Rotary vs Traditional Coil machines and why an artist should keep an open mind to newer equipment, tricks & shortcuts that can dramatically cut down on sketching and layout, and most importantly talking about importance of style, and how one should try and stand out amongst the masses of tattooist today. Hopefully this seminar will give a little insight on how one can mold their drawings into a more recognizable, fairly original, style.

Description: This seminar is based on techniques. Starting from understand how to analyze the pictures, we will go deep into the concept of the over layering technique, when is needed and how to do it with the right process. We will touch also different skill to obtain realistic effects and many tip and trick to use in order to do solids and detailed images. The importance of choosing the right pallet, understanding how to put right color in right position. Many different aspects will be touch including all the skill to obtain all the different skin tones starting from an appropriate midtone, and create the atmosphere.
Also a bit about the right mentality and the importance of a self criticism for great improvement.
Open question.

Bob’s presentation will describe his particular techniques about tattooing black and gray portrait, and he will explaine all the skills he use to create his unique works. From the right dilution of the black to the definition of the details trough a perfect saturation you’ll have all you need to understand his technique.

He’ll teach all his tips and tricks to make amazing color portraits

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