Kobay tattoo - chest piece "End of days"Kobay is an absolutely fantastic tattoo artist from Turkey who’s talent amazes me. He’s got some artistic skills that a lot of tattoo artists only could dream about!

I’m still very amazed by the fact that almost every country I’v tried to look closer at…has at least one great tattoo artist. I must admit that from the beginning I hadn’t the slightest clue that the country of Turkey had any tattoo talent to speak of.  Man was I wrong!

Kobays style is really cool because he makes super saturated color tattoos and he always brings kick ass highlights into them that create a sometimes unexpected realism. It takes great technical skills to manage that!

In this 5-question interview Kobay describes for example how he puts his own unique touch on your tattoos, and what positive and negative impacts he thinks Facebook, Twitter and other social medias on the Internet has had on the tattoo industry.