Remis - realistic Dia de los muertos tattooRemis Cizauskas is originally from Lithuania but has worked in Dublin, Ireland last 7 years. The first time I saw a piece of  Remis tattoo art was in STM (Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine). My jaw just dropped to the floor! This dude has amazing realistic tattooing skills, and his work is always very close to photo realism. I’ve learned that Remis also likes photography a lot, so it’s understandable why how manages to combine the two art forms. Bruce Sprigsteen tattoo by Remis

I’m a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, and I have search like crazy to find a decent realistic portrait of him. I hadn’t found one until I stumbled on Remis master piece. This is how a photo realistic tattoo portrait of The boss should look like!!! I’m very glad and excited that Remis now is participating in Tattoo Art Project, and I’m looking forward seeing his work in the future. Tattoo Art Project will definitely promote Remis tattoo work as much as possible!