Charles Huurman interview by MasterPiece Tattoos

Charles Huurman from Utopian Tattoo Tribe is truly an amazing tattoo artist and his innovative style has become an inspiration for many other tattoo artists around the world. There were more than one reason why I invited him to be an official TAP artist.
This video interview from MasterPiece Tattoos is probably one of the better ones I’ve seen! It is first of all very professional filmed and edited. And they have managed to captured a really nice atmosphere. Compared to a lot of the other flashy-effects-timelaps-music-video productions, this actually focuses on what is being said and shown in a calm and plessant way.
Charles has an important story to tell, bout how he got where he is today and how he found his passion. The way he describes his tattooing and how he studies the craft should be an inspiration to everyone, no matter if it’s a newbie apprentice or an famous professional with 25 years experience.
What Charles is saying in this video is worth thinking about more than once.

I really liked this video and I hope to see more of these! And you should really visit the Masterpiece Tattoos page and read the full page article around this interview here >>. While you are there…take a good look, because they have a load of awesome videos to look at and blog articles to read! It’s simply a great web site dedicated to the tattooing industry!