Ilya Fominykh – TAP Tattoo Artist Of The Year 2016

With remarkable skills in realistic tattooing Ilya Fominykh (Илья Фоминых) has brought us some of the most stunning tattoos done on skin in the world today!
He has an impressive ability to do both black and grey and color realism that simply makes our jaws drop to our knees.

Ilya FOM combines abysmal saturation, silky smooth shading and pinpoint razor sharp details in a wide variety of motifs and compositions.
Ilya has made a solid and professional benchmark with his tattooing during 2016, and has done so without chasing a golden ticket for the social media rock star train.

So it is a real pleasure and true honor to give the third annual “Realistic TAP Artist Of The Year 2016” award to Ilya Fominykh!