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Csaba Müllner - tattoo artistI have been creating tattoos for nearly 15 years, during which I have been working and living in a number of different countries, including Spain, England, Switzerland, Holland, Liechtenstein, Italy, France and Austria. In recent years, I have been giving courses in three different countries for beginners, as well as professional training courses for practicing tattoo artists. Teaching took up a lot of my time and energy, which limited the rate of my own development, thus I decided to continue this activity online. In all certainty, I can reach a broader base of people this way with whom I can share the knowledge, experience and tricks I picked up over the years.

For me, diversity is the most inspiring medium. I always make sure my day-to-day life isn’t monotonous. Besides working on tattoos, I paint, scuba dive, and drive boats and fly planes. I’m always seeking new thrills and I’m working hard on transcending my boundaries in all walks of life. I sincerely hope that my works mirror this attitude.

When I’m working on tattoos, I feel like the machine is the brush and skin is the canvas. I long for artistic freedom, the sense that my skin paintings aren’t merely commissioned pieces of work.

I can now afford to only do jobs I consider to be professional challenges. It’s important for the concept to be unique, hopefully something that hasn’t been tattooed yet. I try using my experiences in painting to the benefit of my tattoo works.

In both cases, my style is mostly defined by realism and I strive to make the painted or tattooed portraits as realistic as possible.

I feel the definition of art can be captured by none other than the meaning of the word “inimitable”. I try to fully approximate the technically achievable level in both my paintings and tattoos. If this happens, I try pushing the boundaries as far as my strength and talents allows me to. Naturally, I also try creating my own style in the process, but the goal is always to achieve a maximum level of realism so I could one day achieve the sense of being “inimitable”.
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Tattoo gallery

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