Florian Karg – amazing realistic tattoo artist that lives and works in Germany!

You can look at some sample images of his work, and there is info and links to various sites where you can find out more about the artist.


Tattoo gallery

14-Oct-2015 23:32
06-Aug-2015 22:43
28-Jul-2015 20:15
25-Jul-2015 22:57
21-Jul-2015 00:37
01-Jul-2015 09:55
20-Apr-2015 21:20
01-Apr-2015 13:14
16-Mar-2015 20:00
07-Dec-2014 10:59
01-Dec-2014 14:37
21-Nov-2014 19:29
11-Nov-2014 23:37
11-Sep-2014 22:07
11-Sep-2014 22:06
11-Sep-2014 22:06
11-Sep-2014 22:06
01-Sep-2014 21:00




 5-question interview with Florian Karg




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