One of the very few go-to artists for excruciatingly good photo-realism, Ribeiro can turn his hand to a long list of styles without turning a hair; Dark Style, Comic influenced ink, Portraiture, New School, BioMech, Black and Grey or Full Colour, you name it and he’ll be able to do it.

His online portfolio reveals Dark Style Black and Grey to be his one true love: Jack has a huge collection of disgusting – and therefore perfect – monstrosities of tattoo art to display. Contorted frowning undead faces snarl from a sleeve and skull faced women with eerie, clashing yet fitting fifties bob-hairstyles pout suggestively. Skulls and spines are everywhere, often surrounded by a BioMech styled mass of writhing mechanical backgrounds. The sole example of his stunning talent for full colour is shown on the forearm of one client, where Wolverine clad in bright yellow is posed against a minutely shaded purple background. The shine springs from his claws and every shred of musculature has been detailed – just like a paper version. Not a single simplification or a compromise to be seen.

Jack is always a wanted presence for the major conventions, and as a result he does a whole lot of touring outside of his nativeFrance. He has a collection of Flash Books designed for sale and his work is snapped up for ‘best of’ tattoo art books with guaranteed frequency. Big names in the business such as Aitchison stand in awe of the guy and his work – the true hallmark of the brilliant tattooist, one whose fans are tattooists themselves!

Finally, he’s quite evidently much more eager to present a business man persona to the world and betrays little of his personal life to the public. Thus, we don’t have details of his early influences, how he climbed the ladder into the tattoo business or what he thinks of the current scene and his own success. Here’s a case for which we will simply have to let his art speak for itself…!

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