Kostas Baronis Proki - tattoo artists from GreeceKostas Baronis (Proki) from Athens Greece is simply put…a God given talent when it comes to realistic tattooing!

Proki masters just about anything custom made in that genre. Color or black and grey,  realistic, horror, surrealistic, wildlife…you name it! If there is a specific motif that maybe is considered a “speciality”, it’s probably female portraits in all kinds of shapes and styles. But people, have no doubt…Proki can do pretty much what ever you throw at him!

Just brows through Proki’s gallery and see that I’m right!

Then it’s pretty much up to you to contact him for an appointment and let him do his magic!


Tattoo studio location:

Proki Tattoo (Kostas Baronis Proki)

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Proki Tattoo (Kostas Baronis Proki) 38.034194, 23.706202 Telephone +302102618928 Mobile +306976865720 E-mail prokiviptattoo@hotmail.com



WWW-icon www.prokitattoo.gr

Visit the TAP Facebook page www.facebook.com/ (Kostas Baronis PROKI)